Protest Video: ‘I’m A Grandmama For Obama’

Bedroom videos, GQ-mandated Twitter-free zones, and all the other doings in Denver notwithstanding, the action isn’t there alone. Staging a protest this morning outside mbHQ (in an effort to get the attention of our Park Ave. South neighbor, the New York Democratic Party) were “Grandmothers Against the War.”

The group of approximately 20 sassy seniors bore signs, big flowered hats and balloons emblazoned with anti-war slogans as they spoke out against the ongoing conflict in Iraq. We’ve got the good word on what the grannies are liking and loathing about the DNC after the jump.

“I support him as an individual,” Grandmothers Against the War director Joan Wyle said of Barack Obama. “I loved Michelle Obama’s speech,” she added, before a fellow Granny interjected, “but not Pelosi, because she’s a liar.” Just why we love a good Granny — so outspoken! “No, not so much,” Wile said, assenting to the opinion on Nancy Pelosi, adding that she was moved by the Ted Kennedy tribute, but that “pure politics” characterized the rest of the convention. “Most of us are for Obama,” Wile said, stipulating that she was representing not the Granny group but just herself and other individuals with that opinion. Go, go Granny disclosure.

–Video by Amanda Barrett