Proof That Your ‘Cheeseburger Wrapper Collection’ Blog May One Day Pay Off (Take That, Parents!)


An interesting story to close out the day for this writer. It’s from Innovation Creators and the post “My Blog Got Me a New Job,” which seems like a nice opposite to the Dooced stories you hear floating around out there so often. He goes over how he landed the position because of his writing work on his site, and then tries to go a bit further by saying that having a blog might serve as the tipping point. He’s even got a graph, so you know it’s legit. Here’s some:

When you hire someone, you do not know exactly how they are going to work out. There is a quality distribution. The resume, cover letter and interview give you some information. Based on that information, you can guess on average how the candidate is going to work out. You might guess the exact same quality level for the blogger candidate, but because you have more information from all the blog posts, all the links, searching on their site for instances of how they have handled angry comments, you get a much better idea of how that candidate is going to perform.