Promoted Tweets Drive Greater In-Store Retail Sales [STUDY]

In partnership with Datalogix (DLX), a company that specializes in measuring the offline impact of online ads, Twitter has announced a new measurement called “offline sales impact” to quantify the effect that tweets have on offline sales for consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses in the U.S.

The motivation behind the roll-out is the fact that more than 94% of retail activity still happens in the physical world, and retailers need to be able to determine what effect, if any, their Twitter advertising has on those real-world sales.

Datalogix and Twitter ran studies for 35 CPG brands – including, beverages, food, wellness items, household products, and alcohol – to measure the impact of organic and paid Twitter activity on offline sales.

Key findings:

1. Engagement drives greater in-store sales. The studied brands saw a 12% average sales lift from Promoted Tweets that were engaged with, and a 2% average sales lift from Promoted Tweets that were simply seen.

2. Brands’ organic tweets also drive sales. Users who saw a brand’s organic tweets bought more from that brand than those who didn’t see their organic tweets, resulting in an 8% average sales lift. What’s more, that lift number was nearly 3x greater among users who saw 5 or more organic tweets over the measurement period.

3. Followers who see Promoted Tweets buy more. Followers exposed to Promoted Tweets purchased 29% more from that brand than followers reached by organic tweets alone.

Thanks to this new data, brands leveraging Twitter’s advertising platform can tap into measurable sales impact.

(Source: Twitter. Shopping bags image via Shutterstock.)

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