Promoted Tweets Appear in Google US; Soon to be in UK

Earlier this month, US citizens might’ve noticed Promoted Tweets appearing in their Google searches. Tweets themselves have been popping up for relevant searches for some time, but Promoted Tweets appear to have been made visible on Google search in the beginning of November. Now, word is circulating that these Promoted Tweets will also appear in UK Google search results when Twitter brings their advertising solution overseas early next year.

Search Engine Land first observed Promoted Tweets in Google searches on November 3rd. They pointed out that this was the first time that Google had ever carried ads from a network outside of Adsense.

Promoted Tweets – unlike regular tweets – are only visible in Google search if the user drills down into “updates” in the left panel.

While Promoted Tweets have been visible in Google US-based searches since the beginning of November, the UK-based Marketing Magazine is now reporting that these Promoted Tweets will soon be visible in the UK as well.

The magazine reports that Twitter is in talks with Sky, Sony and Vodafone to form the first round of advertiser partnerships in the UK, beginning in the new year. We can expect a similar Promoted Products launch style – phases rolled out slowly – overseas as in the US.

This news is consistent with news reported by TheNextWeb yesterday that Twitter has plans to open a European office in 2011.