Project Management Planning, the Social Kluster Way

kluster_logo.jpgThose boring hours of project management and development planning may soon be over. Thanks to the collaborative concept of social networking and web 2.0, a new fun way of collaborating on the serious matter of project development planning comes to life in Kluster.
kluster_sparks.jpgKluster puts fun and vigor into the other wise boring activity of project management planning. With Kluster, you can define project goals which could be new products, an event, a marketing campaign and basically anything that needs the power of a group of people to get it running.

Kluster projects just like traditional corporate project design are broken down into small and manageable phases. You can allow community members to give their valuable inputs in each stages of the Kluster project phases. Or if your project is a bit confidential in nature, you can set some parameters to make it available only to a selected individuals.

The beauty of Kluster is that since you are sharing it with community members, you’d get valuable inputs which may or may not help you in pursuing the project. Community members can propose Sparks to your Kluster projects. These sparks are proposed solution which can be in the form of text, photos, graphics, and audio/video, CAD, animation or just about any form that your readers are comfortable expressing themselves with.

But that doesn’t stop there. Since Sparks are not the ultimately perfect solution to a project’s problems, community members can share Amps, or proposals for enhancements or refinements. This is useful, before you set your project into prime time.

Now, here’s the fun part. Community members can also show their support to a Kluster project by investing in the ideas they believe in, using Kluster’s currency called Watts. Watts are earned through participation in Kluster and could grow through investment just like real money.

Lastly, and the most important stage of a project management planning, Kluster collects community members inputs and an analyzes the most popular ones to arrive at a viable decision-making solution. This gives Kluster project owner a realistically logical decision making tool which could be vital to the success of a project.

Kluster is currently available in beta but with a catchy name and a rich feature, Kluster has the making of a good niche social networking site.