Productivity Plummets When Angry Birds Is Released For Free

Today is a big day for Android owners who are either already addicted to Angry Birds, or are interested in trying the game, as the full version of the game has been released for free. The release of Angry Birds took an interesting twist because it was first available at the alternate app store GetJar before it was available in the Android Market. (As of the time I wrote this post Angry Birds is available in the Android Market.)

Angry Birds is available on the iPhone for $.99 and Palm and Nokia phones for $1.99, so it is interesting that Rovio Mobile has chosen to release the Android version for free. Of course, the catch is that the Android version has ads that display at the bottom right of the screen. The game only works on phones with Android 1.6 or higher that support OpenGL. Some phones that have QVGA display will not be able to run the current version but Rovio has promised to release a version that will. For example, one poster on says that Angry Birds does not run on the Sony Ericsson X10.

If you are not familiar with Angry Birds, it’s really a pretty simple game. The green pigs are hidding around or under a variety of obstacles, and you slingshot the birds at the obstacles with the ultimate goal of squashing all the pigs. After all the pigs are gone you move on to the next level. Over time different types of birds are introduced into the game play, such as the the little blue birds that you tap mid-flight to mulitply. The game has nice graphics and nice audio, though I am glad you can turn the sound off because it can get annoying after a while.