PRNewser Poll Results: Let’s Keep the ‘I Love NY’ Logo Forever and Ever

Yesterday we talked about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s assault on the beloved “I ♥ NY” logo with the state’s request for new ideas to replace the heart that brings it all together. We asked you whether the logo needs a revamp, and nearly half of respondents, about 46 percent, said the logo should “never” be changed. Wow. You guys really love New York.

Nearly the same percentage, 42 percent, said simply “no,” which could leave open the possibility that one day, it could undergo a change. Perhaps it’s a thought too heavy to deal with during the first official week of summer.

The 12.5 percent of respondents who said “yes,” the logo should be revamped, are right now packing their bags and being run out of town. Bye haters!

On Twitter, we saw lots of support for the logo with a cry of “NO, NY, NO” from @Katie_Casey and @AndreaPerezM calling it a “classic.” @MeganPatrick characterized the idea of a redesign as straight up “sacrilege.”

But @AHoodTalks is of an opinion similar to the one expressed by ad agency BBDO: “I happen to like the I Love New York logo, but as we evolve, so does everything else.”

As with everything, the decision to change should come with a purpose and be executed with savvy. Doing away with something so iconic is a big decision. Perhaps we’re all being punk’d and the plan is to make us think the logo is going away so we can all rejoice when they announce that it’s staying forever and ever after all.