PRNewser Poll: Is Halloween Important to the PR Industry?

Last week, the PRNewser Poll took out its crystal ball to ask whether it’s too soon to look forward to Web 4.0. Forty-two percent of respondents said no, that we’ll be on to Web 5.0 soon enough, while nearly 37 percent said that we still need to fully explore Web 3.0.

Given the ongoing discussion about how to measure efforts on digital media, the next step, may simply be analyzing the information we’ve gathered in order to decide how best to move forward into the next phase of the Web.

On to a topic much less taxing on the brain, this Sunday is Halloween and it looks like the Jersey Shore cast is fiendishly spreading its tackiness nationwide.

According to and the LifeInc blog and The Wall Street Journal, Snooki and The Situation are poised to be the most popular costumes this year. MTV Networks created its first line of reality TV-themed costumes this year, which some retailers report are getting snapped up quickly. Others are going the DIY route with bronzer and wigs and throwing Jersey Shore-style parties. The Daily Beast also lists Lady Gaga and the characters from the recent film version of Alice in Wonderland as popular choices

The National Retail Federation is predicting that this year, Halloween will be a $6 billion business. With all of this activity, we wonder just how much of an opportunity the holiday provides for the PR business.

This week’s PRNewser Poll question is: How important is Halloween for the PR industry?

The poll closes next Monday. And feel free to share your costume of choice in the comments. How many Snookis are out there?

[Image via The Daily Beast.]