Private Email Platform Mailpile on Indiegogo

Revelations that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, among others, are giving the NSA access to your email is making many users looking for alternatives. Mailpile, a new project from a team of Icelandic developers, wants to help offer a private alternative.

The company hopes to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo to build an email platform that would give users control over their data and keep it private from the spying eyes of government agencies.

Here is more about the project: “Mailpile is free software, a web-mail program that you run on your own computer, so your data stays under your control. Because it is free software (a.k.a. open source), you can look under the hood and see how it works, or even modify it to make it better suit your particular needs. Mailpile is designed for speed and vast amounts of e-mail, it is flexible and themeable and has support for strong encryption built in from the very start.” (Via BoingBoing).