Princeton Student Spreads Online Love to Other Campuses


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s a new online service that takes social networking to a whole new level. It helps shy or curious college kids approach their crush.

It’s called GoodCrush and here’s how it works: users submit their name and e-mail address as well as that of their crush. An e-mail is sent to the crushee encouraging them to go to the site and participate, without revealing the identity of the original crusher. If the two have crushes on each other, then their identities are revealed and it is made known that the two crush each other.

JWeinstein_2.10.jpgGoodCrush is the brainchild of former Princeton student government president Josh Weinstein, class of ’09. He developed a site called CrushFinder in 2007 and ran it again in 2008. About 25% of the Princeton student body participated.

Now Weinstein is taking GoodCrush nationwide — William & Mary, Cal Tech, Clemson, Drexel, Miami of Ohio, Dartmouth, Purdue and Boston College are among interested schools.

GoodCrush is focusing its efforts around Valentine’s Day, but is encouraging users to start entering crushes tomorrow, Friday the 13th (what luck!)

Weinstein says GoodCrush’s main goal is to provide a “cool, fun service for Valentine’s Day.” Privacy and security mechanisms ensure no students’ email address is sold to third parties.