#PRFail: Watch America Teach FOX News About ‘Gender-Neutral’ Restrooms

fox news lgbt bathrooms

Recently, Illinois State University created “Gender-Neutral Restrooms” to help serve the LGBT community. A nice move by the institution to be more accommodating; however, FOX News took a little umbrage with this.

Essentially, the re-labeling would change several of its single-stall “family” restrooms on campus as “all-gender” restrooms. No new toilets. No new seating. Just the sign, which takes a while to get used to viewing. Here’s the initial report of the news…and then the unfortunate #PRFail follow-up after the jump.

(NOTE: FOX News anchor Heather Nauert incorrectly says the university is Indiana State.)

As we have shared before, news is going the way of reality show entertainment, so opinions vary. Here’s the kicker: FOX News wasn’t done, so they decided to do a follow-up with a “Man on the Street” interview that would gauge the average American’s viewpoint. The segment was accompanied with the chyron (the bottom-third doohickey with the words in it) during the segment read “Bathroom Boondoggle: Are New Gender Signs Just Too Confusing?”

They sent Steve Doocy out with the sign and, little does he know, he is about to get spanked by a 12-year-old boy and a few adults. They didn’t chide the sign, ridicule the artwork, or even snicker at the thought of an “all-gender” bathroom. Instead, reality sets in and FOX News was forced to squirm and televise the entire thing.

Good for a giggle and why network news should get back to televising that, perhaps.