#PRFail: Shaq Thinks Making Fun of Disabled Kids Is Good for a Laugh


ICYMI–and by the lack of response from American sports media (MEMO to TNT ‘Inside the NBA’: We see you) you have–a funny thing happened to Shaquille O’Neal the other day. You see, Shaq is a certifiable legend in basketball among his peers, the teams, and the fans. Everyone loves Shaq because he is self-admittedly just a big kid at heart.

Like with most kids, from time-to-time, even Shaq needs a parent to take him aside and put that big 7’2″, 350 lb. ass over a knee and get to whoopin’ up on him. Why? Look at the picture. One of those kids are just “making a funny face.”

And then it was put on the other kid’s Instagram account for the entire world to see.

Meet Jahmiel Binion. He’s the other kid in the picture.

Jahmiel’s plight of tragedy living with missing teeth, the inability to sweat and a serious lapse in hair growth is known to medical professionals as the rare disorder ectodermal dysplasia. Unfortunately, because we live in a world full of the dregs of society, Jahmiel is accustomed to the occasional long stare and snickers.

And then Shaquille O’Neal took it a bit too far with the whimsical headline “Smile Today.” So WJBK FOX 2 (MyFOXDetroit.com to those in the industry) took it to Shaq and the dimwitted minions who follow him on Instagram.

I get it. Digital is my specialty.

When someone is motivated by what someone with fame does, they will like, retweet, comment, post, and tag anything. Not necessarily because they agree with what is going on or even if they understand, but because they are dolts. Mindless sheep stuck in the world of social media hoping — nay, praying — for an approval from said notable in the form of a comment or favorite.

So, when Shaq puts out some cyberbullying like this and it gets tens of thousands of comments and shares, it is no surprise. Just affirmation of what we already know. Mean people suck, and so do the fools that follow them.

Now, Shaq is far from ignorant. He understands his reputation protection and damage control is tantamount to his personal brand, and so, he did this…

shaw apology

Annnnd there’s your band-aid to an all-too-familiar problem. A phone call. Granted, he didn’t have to do it, so kudos, I guess. However, Bully pulls stunt. Bully gets caught. Bully apologizes. And because Bully is a “somebody” and the bullied is a nobody in the eyes of many, guess who has to be the bigger man? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not the guy who stands 7’2″.

My parting shot? While I only have 27,000 followers, it’s nothing in comparison to an NBA star. But, for the Jahmiels everywhere … peace!

shaq shrek