Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, Dexter and more on this week’s top 10 gainers among TV show pages

Pretty Little Liars is this week’s top gainers for the People Talking About This metric among TV show pages on Facebook. The ABC Family program leads with over 350,000 new engagements this week.

The top 10 pages gaining People Talking About This saw increases between 136,000 and 352,000 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    Pretty Little Liars 713,957 +41,513 +352,982
2    American Horror Story 442,206 +3,915 +304,822
3    Dexter 406,319 -2,294 +298,536
4    SportsCenter 465,842 +36,580 +209,657
5    El Man Es German 681,032 -62,141 +182,749
6    Mrs Brown’s Boys 212,949 +13,407 +182,175
7    This Morning 180,110 -30 +167,573
8    Switched at Birth 187,021 +43,223 +148,393
9    Doctor Who 339,714 +11,129 +137,620
10    SpongeBob SquarePants 757,200 +1,400 +136,626

A show that airs during the summer, Pretty Little Liars is one of few shows that is currently airing new episodes weekly. There are actually numerous Pretty Little Liars fan pages on Facebook, with the official ABC Family page being number one on this week’s list. However, instead of combating these fan pages, the official page embraces these fan communities and features many of their posts themselves. It seems to be better practice to embrace fandom instead of trying to completely control the channel. With over 9 million Likes, it is likely that fans of the show have connected with both the official page and community pages.

In the case of American Horror Story, the show is entering its second season this fall. Something it has done to build up the anticipation for the new season is offer exclusive photos and video for fans. The page has posted multiple new short videos — around 15 seconds long — every day this week. These clips are high definition and have been highly visual while still fitting the theme of the show. These posts haven’t individually been that successful, but the frequency of the publishing of these posts is a big reason for the large PTAT score. As the season draws closer, the PTAT of the page is likely to grow in the coming weeks.