Presidential Debate Goes 2.0 via MyDebates

With the US Presidential election barely two months away, all eyes are focused now on the presidential debates among the two presidential hopefuls – Obama and McCain and for the VP race as well – Biden and Palin. Of course we all know how these candidates have successfully utilized the power of the Internet to reach out to voters. So it is but appropriate that the Internet should also play a big part in the coming presidential debates. MySpace knows that as it rides on the heat generated by these, hence it has launched a new sub-portal called MyDebates in coordination with the Commission for Presidential Debate.

MySpace’s MyDebates aims to make the US votes more informed and eventually enables them to decide on who should govern them in the coming years. Specifically, it hopes to help the US voters learn about all the issues affecting the upcoming elections, choose their stance and share their viewpoints with friends. Voters can also watch the event live via web streaming and even allows them to send their questions to the candidates which can be answered live online.

MyDebates features an Issue Quiz, where visitors to the site can opt to be quizzed on 14 pressing issues confronting that candidates. These includes issues on gun policy, health care among others. Based on the users answers, their profile will be compared with the answers of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Users can also grab a widgets showing their comparative profiles with their chosen presidential hopefuls.

The portal also features a national statistics of registered users location and grouped according to who they will vote for. This feature is updated in real-time as new users register to participate.

And course the main feature of the site is a live streaming footage of the debates that will be held starting on Sept. 26. Then after the debate MyDebates will make these footages available for live streaming later on.

So, whether you are voting for McCain and Palin, or Obama and Biden, MyDebates is definitely a good and valuable election-related resource. If you’re into social networking and you love MySpace, we can’t see no reason why you wouldn’t want to watch these debates unfold right on your computer screen.

Via Mashable