President Obama’s Post-‘Shellacking’ Press Conference

Photo: Mark Wilson, Getty Images

President Obama gave his first press conference today following the midterm election vote yesterday that put the Republicans back in the majority in the House of Representatives.

Calling it a “shellacking” he admitted that, among the issues that contributed to voter discontent was his lack of communication.

“An occasionally introspective Obama attributed Democratic losses to voter frustration over the bad economy, and also his own failure to better communicate with people about what he is trying to do to create jobs,” reports USA Today.

“Obama said he has too often been isolated by the presidency, and that ‘there is a inherent danger in being in the White House and being in the bubble,'” the story adds.

The President emphasized his willingness to work with the Republicans and listed his goals, which includes job, making sure there isn’t a “spike” in taxes for middle class families, and focusing on education and research and development in new technologies, such as clean tech, which can create jobs.

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