Preservationists’ Nomination to Name Michael Reese Hospital an Historic Place Rejected


A few weeks back, we told you about preservationists making a last ditch effort to save the remaining structures that are a part of the former Michael Reese Hospital, several of which were designed by Bauhaus founder, Walter Gropius (he also helped create the campus’ master plan). Unfortunately, their efforts in asking the National Register of Historic Places didn’t seem to have worked, with the national organization not accepting the nomination due to lack of specific information in the proposal. As the wrecking crews continue to bulldoze the campus, this looks as if it might be the final nail in the coffin in the hopes of preserving the structures, but we’ll let you know how it all plays out. Here’s a bit from the Chicago Tribune‘s Blair Kamin:

Preservationists, led by Grahm Balkany, director of the Gropius in Chicago Coalition, already were facing long odds in their battle to save Gropius-related buildings because National Register status has no legal force to stop the demolition. Now, if they decide to resubmit the nomination, it will take at least two weeks — and probably longer — before the form could be sent back to Washington by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and given federal approval.