Presentations on Facebook

SlideshareSlideshare, one of the leaders in presentation hosting has launched their official application. This is as powerful of an application as Scribd, the document sharing application that I previously reviewed. While Scribd has not been as wildly popular as I would have expected (close to 12,000 users so far), I don’t think the power of the application has been realized yet by students on Facebook. Additionally, given that school is not in session for most students, I have a feeling that mass adoption will occur later on. The Slideshare application builds on Scribds feature set, enabling individuals to share their powerpoint presentations. Students will now have a complete resource on Facebook for sharing their notes, quizzes, tests, and presentations. Soon enough Facebook will become one of the primary educational resources for students. Imagine having a record of all the reports you wrote back in college, or all of the presentations that you made. Facebook will be your own personal time capsule. This is also a great application for people that want to document presentations (those that are not confidential) at previous employers or at conferences. This redefines the concept of a resume. It will be interesting to see how many people take advantage of these new resources. If you would like a simple way to store your presentations on your Facebook profile, go grab the Slideshare application.