Prep Now, Tour Later: A Primer on Philip Johnson’s Glass House


If you’re getting prepped for June 23rd for when Philip Johnson’s Glass House opens to the public for the first time since its construction in 1949, the LA Times has up this great, very detailed primer about the history of the iconic structure, as well as on Johnson and David Whitney, his partner who lived with there at the house. Although the tours of the Glass House are already booked out through October, maybe reading this will get you looking forward to when you’ll finally be able to see get a ticket for, say, March of 2009. Here’s some:

The highlight of the tour is the actual Glass House (1949), a 1,728-square-foot, see-through modernist masterpiece constructed of glass and steel framing. Inspired by Mies van der Rohe, it served as Johnson’s living quarters for most of his adult life.

Whitney met Johnson after the house’s completion, but his influence is visible on the other buildings. One area of intense collaboration between the couple was color. “They would stand outside testing different color panels,” recalls Lewis. “It was something they both cared about deeply.”