PR Web Tells Blogger How To Write Press Release

We’ve heard good things about their services, but press release distribution company PR Web managed to annoy influential blogger BL Ochman today by telling her that her release looked, “too much like an ad.”

Ochman’s point is that she, “wrote the release exactly as I think it might run in a blog post or in mainstream media. It’s a casual topic, and it’s a casual release.” (The release was about’s Save-Your-Ass late Valentine’s gift shipping)

Eventually the situation was remedied, after Ochman spoke with a higher up who agreed with her take and vowed to “foster change” at PRWeb. The bottom line: some clients are cool with “casual” releases, others require a more buttoned up approach. For the most part, the wire services seem to take a hands-off approach with these matters. Of course, you are always welcome to give us your take.