PR Pros Say Obama Has “Lost Control” Of Health-Care Message


Last week, we highlighted a New York magazine cover story on the “publish first, filter later” Obama administration. Perhaps the biggest challenge of Obama’s presidency thus far is the debate around health-care reform, where in some ways the administration is now on the defensive.

Picking up on this important topic today is Advertising Age‘s Michael Bush, who solicited the opinions of a number of PR pros and came to the consensus that Obama has “lost control of the health-care message.”

Nick Ragone, partner at Omnicom Group’s Ketchum, believes that the timing of the health-care reform bill is a big factor. He told Bush, “People are nervous, and rightly so…The stimulus package was rushed through with seemingly little payoff — it has not gone the way it should have, and their follow-up to that was to rush health care through. That was a tactical misstep.”

[Image: jmtimages on Flickr]