PR in 2008: The Resolutions


(art from UnLtd Blogs)

New Year’s Resolutions are more fun than predictions–you sometimes get a glimpse through the hairline crack of peoples’ ego. We heard from some very serious business people, and felt the frustration of others expecting another year of the same old crap.

For those of you who resolve to make this your final day of Media Snacking, we’ve alternated the funny and the serious to help you speed read:

We all decided to make our one business resolution: To Make Our Clients Brag About Us! If we can do that across the board, 2008 will be a breeze…

–Jeff Cannon, TheCannonGroup

I resolve to not miss one more f*@^ing editorial calendar opportunity… doesn’t that sound nice?

–One of those small tech PR firms in NYC

Land a few larger accounts and hope they last at least one year before they get acquired.

Help our industry move the needle forward by redefining and reinventing PR through integrated communications.

Stay fresh, be alert, no rest for the weary (is there ever?)

Never stop asking, “Why?”

Keep a sense of humor.


–Sabrina Horn, CEO, Horn Group

(Disclosure: Horn Group is my co-editor’s employer)

I vow to never send a pitch that mentions or references the following:

Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or any other train wreck
celebrity… Unless, of course, they write a book and become a
client…in which case, like all resolutions, I’ll throw this vow out
the window. When in doubt, spin, spin, spin! After all, everyone knows
that behind every great trend is a pushy publicist convincing the world that trend exists!

–Tiffany L. Berryman, Newman Communications

All of the continuing education in the world is useless unless you apply it. So while you’re reading blogs and books and attending conferences, don’t forget to just do your best work.

–Kevin Dugan, Director of Marketing Communications, FRCH Design, and BadPitch Blogger

I will pitch myself and my book(s) more via social networks, podcasts,
etc and I will be teaching my small biz ceo coaching group to blog, etc (and rely less on “etc”?)

–Mark Amtower, author of Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes