PR Advice for BofA via David Letterman

According to FOXBusiness’ Charles Gasparino, Bank of America has organized a team to prepare for what may be disclosed, indicating that it is taking the WikiLeaks threat seriously. spoke with a couple of people in the industry (BofA didn’t comment) to gather suggestions about what the bank should do in case of a data dump.

Brenda Wrigley, an associate professor and chair of Syracuse University’s PR department, says the bank should look to David Letterman, who out-PR’d his blackmail threat by “getting out in front of the story.”

“People ended up feeling sorry for Letterman,” she says.

Eric Dezenhall, crisis comms head at Dezenhall Resources, advises the opposite, saying that without knowing what the data is “the better of your bad options is to try to see what the data show before you respond.” lays out a few possibilities about what the data could be, including info about the 2009 Merrill Lynch acquisition and the fact that Merrill losses were kept from shareholders.

Which piece of advice do you think is the better option?