Powell to New York Times

We told you about the rumors on Sunday and the Village Voice confirms it: the Washington Post’s (one time New York Bureau Chief) Michael Powell is heading to the New York Times.

    Michael Powell has been hired by the New York Times Metro desk to, as he put it, “write broadly” about the city of his birth. Powell, whose recent work has addressed such improbabilities as wild parrots in Brooklyn and Rudy Giuliani in the White House, accepted the job Friday, but has not yet pinned down a start date at W. 43rd Street.

(Hat Tip: FishbowlNY)

Obviously a big loss for the Post, and it also raises questions about who the heck is going to do those great Style political pieces now that David Von Drehle, Mark Leibovich and, now, Powell have all left?

Libby Copeland? Will associate editor Kevin Merida also contribute to Style’s political coverage? Any chance of them wooing back Dana Milbank, who used to be a Style political writer? (Answer: No.)