POTUS Speaks

To cover POTUS or not to cover POTUS? That is (or at least was) the question.

bushspeechiraq.jpgCousin TVNewser has some coverage of the President’s speech last night, although it appears that the only interesting angle of the night was the drama surrounding whether all the networks would cover it.

Tom Shales: “Bush’s speech aired on all the major broadcast networks, something of a surprise since as of mid-afternoon yesterday, neither NBC nor CBS had plans to cover it. They felt, correctly, that the speech contained nothing new or newsy and that it didn’t merit a half-hour or more of prime time. But something changed as the day wore on, and Bush showed up on NBC and CBS as well as on ABC and the various cable news networks that previously had announced they would cover the speech.”

Wow! What a shock. Who would have seen that one coming? You’d have to go all the way back to the last time the President has a prime time appearance to find the the exact same drama. Remember the first night of May sweeps and The Donald anyone? One has to wonder if that’s really the most interesting angle reporters can find to write about the next day–especially given that the outcome and the story line both times is roughly the same:

ABC joins the cable networks in announcing early that they’ll cover it–NBC and CBS hold off for a while until NBC caves and then lastly CBS caves.

It seems like the real news would be the presidential presser that the nets actually hold firm and don’t cover….