POTUS Parties at Atlantic Media’s Douglass Home


In this case, pretty deep. There are several details not to miss in a White House Pool Report from this evening:

1. President Obama attended a going away party tonight for top aide David Axelrod at the Dupont Circle neighborhood home of Altantic Media V.P. and former Obama White House spokeswoman Linda Douglass.

2. The Pool Report is written by NJ reporter Rebecca Kaplan, who has the odd and awkward responsibility of reporting about a spokeswoman from her own parent company.

3. This is not the first occasion for Obama to visit Douglass’s home. POTUS attended a $1 million fundraiser for the DNC at Douglass’s home last fall. The dinner was organized by her husband, John Phillips. See story here.

4. Someone attempted (and apparently failed) to drive through the motorcade.

Motorcade is rolling at 8:27 p.m. en route to Linda Douglass’ house (spokeswoman for the White House during the campaign and a health care spokeswoman during the beginning of the administration). Former ABC reporter who now works at…National Journal! She heads the communications team there.

POTUS is here for  David Axelrod’s going away party. FLOTUS did not attend.

Quiet ride — a few young guys who looked to be in their 20s waved hello as we rode up 22nd St. But someone did try to drive through the motorcade. Obviously that didn’t happen.

We arrived at 8:37.

Rebecca Kaplan

> Update: More from Kaplan about V.I.P.’s and D.C. journos seen leaving the party.

Left Douglass’ residence – a condo building right by Dupont Circle –  at 10:20. No POTUS sightings.

Pool was holding in the van outside the whole time, but we did spot a few guests as they came and went. From the administration, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu were seen leaving.  A few reporters were in attendance too. Major Garrett (National Journal) waved in the direction of the pool vans as he walked  in. Jake Tapper (ABC), Chuck Todd (NBC) and John Harwood (CNBC/New York Times) were also seen on their way out.

> Update #2: The headline has been changed to reflect Douglass’s actual title, which is V.P. for Atlantic Media. Taylor West is Communications Director for NJ. Kaplan’s line above is confusing and not specifically accurate.