Pot Calls Kettle White

The Washington City Paper turns its media lens (and dedicates its cover) to examining the racial diversity (or lack thereof) of The Washingtonian magazine, or what they call “among the whitest magazines not regularly publishing features on the Confederate flag.”

    The magazine that purports to be Washington has a newsroom that looks as if it were plucked from some Midwest burg–like Appleton, Wis., 91.5 percent white…So how on Earth has Appleton taken root in a big-city newsroom?

But how diverse is the City Paper themselves? To their credit, they ran a sidebar to accompany this article by City Paper employee Huan Hsu.

    A look at our masthead reveals a decided lack of diversity at Champlain Street. Editor in chief: white guy (and a gentrifier, too). Arts editor: white guy. Senior editor: white guy. Senior writer: white guy. Copy editor: white woman.

Does the City Paper have a track record of throwing stones from its own glass house? After their piece that criticized the Washington Post’s freelance policy, we received a few emails from freelancers with experience at both papers who said that the City Paper was no better place to freelance than the Post.