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What it feels like to make the front page of Digg

“After a few hours your server has crashed, your regular viewers are complaining that they can’t view the site and you haven’t even finished the content you were working on. The walls are closing in around you.”

Top 10 Reasons Not to Learn Multimedia Skills

6. Interactivity is just a fancy word for communism.

Journalism then and now

As much as we try to pinpoint what will keep newspapers and other media outlets afloat, nobody really has come up with the one idea what will be the saving grace. All we know is that computers are involved somehow.”

What color is the news?

An unscientific observation of the headers of top online news sites reveals that most of their logos incorporate some form of the colors or red or blue. Coincidence or intentional?

25 Things I’ve Learned About Journalism

21. There is no such thing as “unbiased.”

J-Schools, in pictures

How to cover the news from every angle

During a Hillary Clinton rally on CNN last week, it was obvious that nearly every supporter behind her had some sort of camera in his or her hand. Assuming there were hundreds of cameras positioned around the auditorium, the experience of the rally, or any other event, could be enhanced through multimedia.