Post Trims Financial Markets Listings

From today’s Post:

    Starting today, we are trimming our financial markets listings as part of a reorganization of the Business section. Today’s markets coverage begins on Page D7 with an article describing yesterday’s market-related events. We have expanded our market summary tables, adding new formats to track foreign currencies, the 20 largest mutual funds and the 20 most-widely-held stocks.

    We have pared back listings to 1,000 stocks and 2,000 mutual funds, based on market capitalization and total assets, respectively, in editions published Tuesday through Saturday. Stocks are no longer segregated by market; New York, Nasdaq and American stock exchange companies all appear in alphabetical order in one list.

    Stocks of local companies are listed in bold text and all are included, even if they are not among the 1,000 largest companies. If you own stocks or mutual funds that are no longer listed, please write to us or send an e-mail and we will try to add them to the list.

    Full listings of individual stocks and mutual funds will continue to appear in Sunday Business. Monday’s Washington Business will continue to publish expanded data on local stocks. You can find up-to-the- minute stock quotes, mutual fund data and investing tools at

    We have also eliminated our options listings and reduced the number of futures contracts we track. Listings remain for Treasury prices, dividend declarations, exchange-traded-fund transactions, and stocks that hit new highs or lows.