Wants Your Opinion

The Post is just rolling out one thing after another these days.

Today the website announced a new “Opinions” section that will feature some exclusive online content and user-generated content too. The project, announced today, “is designed to showcase the site’s diversity of editorial voices as well as encourage the ‘national conversation’ that takes place on the web about issues of importance.”

Perhaps the most intriguing section will be a feature called “Reporting for Duty,” which will be written by staffer and Army Reserve office Bert Stover and focus on a personal account of and reflections on on his upcoming deployment to Iraq. In addition to “Duty,” the site will offer a “more visual” (Read: “better”) graphic design, and include:

  • The Debate – a weekly collection of opinions, analysis and links reflecting thoughts on a single controversial issue;

  • Toles v. Toles–web-only comics from the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Tom Toles (and former cartoonist for the SUNY-Buffalo Spectrum);

  • Your Post–the best of user comments from around; and

  • Think Tank TownRon Nessen, former presidential press secretary, looks at emerging ideas from Washington’s array of influential policy institutes.

Now if the Post can only figure out how to make money off any of these programs and offerings….