Possible Daily Show Replacements

Let the speculation begin!

Let the speculation begin!

In light of the news earlier this evening that Jon Stewart will be stepping down as host of the Daily Show, and that a replacement has yet to be named… we at FishbowlDC thought it would be fun to spit ball a few potential candidates to replace Comedy Central’s 16-year icon:

Bassem Youssef – The Daily Show’s new Middle East correspondent hasn’t been part of the crew for very long, however, he’s got plenty of satirical experience as the former host of the Daily Show-inspired “Al-Bernameg” (English: “The Program”) in Egypt. He was also named one of TIME magazine’s “100 most influential people in the world” back in 2013.

Aasif Mandvi – This guy has paid his dues… Still don’t see why Larry Wilmore got the bump instead of him, but the 9-year veteran of the Daily Show certainly deserves a shot. He brings many of the same comedic mannerisms and facial expressions to the table that Stewart did, and his delivery is on point.

Brian Williams – Ok, hear me out… This has been thrown out a lot as a joke on social media following his suspension, however, if Williams’ reputation is truly as tarnished as some are suggesting, this makes perfect sense. And for all the controversy surrounding him, he’s still a pretty funny guy. Let’s not forget his appearances on 30 Rock, as well as his slowing jamming of the news with Jimmy Fallon. Plus, an anchor who tells fake news stories taking over on a fake news show? Makes perfect sense to me..

Samantha Bee – Now, some are suggesting it would be nice to inject some XX chromosomes into the male dominated late night-show universe — throwing Bee’s name into the ring as heir to Stewart’s throne. However, I think this woman is funny and talented enough on her own to warrant the job without having to make the diversity hire argument. And she has no shortage of experience, as she surpassed Stephen Colbert in 2012 as the “most senior correspondent” (i.e. longest-serving regular correspondent) in Daily Show history.

Kyle Korver – True, he’s never had experience as a TV news host in any capacity, however, he did just replace Dwayne Wade on the 2015 NBA All-Star team roster earlier today and that’s gotta mean something… Oh, and let’s not forget, dude’s got great hair.

Steve Carell – I guess if he’s tired of being an Oscar-nominated actor, he can always go back to the show that gave him his start? Seems unlikely, but you never know.

Trevor Noah – In December, the South Africa stand-up comedian broke onto the Daily Show scene with a segment mocking a certain region of the world for its “rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks” — no, not Africa… America. Although the show’s senior international correspondent is fairly young and relatively new to show, the dude is hilarious and would definitely shine given the opportunity.