Poshbrood: a Website for the Upscale Family

Favorite vacation spot: Poshbrood.com’s Thorp with her three little girls in Round Hill Jamaica along with Kingsley Blake, the bell man, and his wife, Francine, the nanny.

Poshbrood.com, which launched this week, is Elizabeth Thorp’s latest contribution to family – and this time her focus is on getting away and actually enjoying it. This means vacation destinations with such amenities as nannies, butlers, and laundresses.

No hotel makes the list that she doesn’t hand pick. And she’s brutally picky – so no place makes the cut that doesn’t deserve it. Something you won’t want to miss: free hotel giveaways (check the site for further details).

Around Washington, Thorp is known for being a public relations rep who writes those sometimes brash mommy-centric stories for MomLogic.com. She has written travel stories for HuffPost and Capitol File. Poshbrood is a labor of love she hopes will take the stress out of hunting for the perfect family vacation.

Other bloggers on the site: Martha Wittenberg, a female doc with two children in LA, Brian McGannon, a Daddy blogger in West Virginia, and Kelley McCormack, of Qorvis, who has three little boys.

So what’s  Thorp’s favorite vacation spot? She says Round Hill Jamaica (ABC News’s Claire Shipman and NBC’s “Meet the Press” host David Gregory also rent there; Paul McCartney is a regular guest as is Ralph Lauren). Amenities include a cook, a maid, a butler, a laundress and a nanny. “Do I have to say anything else?” asks Thorp. “Literally the kids are playing on the beach, but we have someone with us so you can drink your rum punch. The kids are happy, you’re happy.”

Other favorites: Trump Soho, Spruce Cottage Point (Maine), and Hotel Marlowe (Boston).

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Thorp and the family.

A bathroom in Trump Soho.