Portfolio‘s Second Issue: How Is It?

0813portfolio.jpgSo, earlier, we sat down and read the new issue of Portfolio from cover to cover. Yes, big number two. The one with less advertising pages and an entertaining backstory (Kurt Eichenwald, outta here. Jim Impoco, outta here. As fresh refugees from the RupertWSJ, Scott Paltrow and Peter Waldman). We did it for the greater good. Could Conde Nast’s big business magazine create something of substance, nay, worth your subscription money?

It could.

After the jump, highlights of Portfolio‘s September 2007 issue dissected.

— Neal Ungerleider


  • Inside controversial, American car lovin’ investors Cerberus Capital. Allusions to Hades = The new hot trend.
  • Franz Lidz‘ piece on George Steinbrenner‘s health problems is one of the best pieces of sports journalism we’ve read in the past five years. Seriously.
  • A terrorist attack in downtown Manhattan! On… September 16, 1920. Do Portfolio readers care about anarcho-syndicalism? Not really.
  • Take a look behind the scenes of Gucci. This reads just like Vanity Fair. Really. Uncanny.
  • Subprime mortgages… How do they affect the rich?
  • An excellent profile of Lebanese politican/businessman Saad Hariri by Kevin Gray. Gray has been reading his Remnick.
  • Did you know that the CEO of British Petroleum had a four-year relationship with a former rentboy? We didn’t. Now we totally see the Conde Nast-ness of the magazine shining through. Scandals involving wealthy English nobility? There you go.


  • An interesting piece on how China is affecting the US housing boom. Keep up more pieces like this, Portfolio, and we’ll have hope.
  • Now-departed Kurt Eichenwald reports on high scandal in the cemetery world.
  • A visit with former Tyco CFO Mark Swartz in the Tombs and in an upstate prison.
  • Did you know Sam Adams is making 51 proof beer? Portfolio got their hands on some and are thus one lucky, lucky magazine.