Politics1 Says Save Tucker

From Politics1:

    Carlson, by contrast with some conservative show hosts on FOX, is a more easy-going pundit well-liked for his civlity (and his previous penchant for jaunty bow-ties). “Tucker is a conservative with a sense of humor,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton (D), a frequent guest on Carlson’s show. Carlson has also given substantial exposure to the long-shot Presidential bid of Congressman Ron Paul (R). Like the Houston libertarian, Carlson opposes the Iraq War. Carlson is particularly popular with Paul’s blogging army because he covered Paul when other major media outlets were ignoring him. Carlson also famously appeared on Dancing with the Stars to show a different side of the preppy pundit. Carlson is know for his quirky Libertarian streak. DC was shocked when Jon Stewart attacked Carlson’s former show — Crossfire — which he hosted with liberal Paul Begala, as Carlson is among the least caustic of the rightwing talking heads. In related news, we also hear rumors from a reliable New York source that Carlson has sold a game show concept to a major network and inked a deal to host it. In response to the early buzz, Florida insurance salesman John Bertran is vowing to mount a grassroots effort to save Carlson’s show. “Tucker is the only reason I tune in the MSNBC,” Bertran told Politics1.