Politico’s Simon: Enough About Me

Politico is running this “Welcome Back” ad for columnist Roger Simon this week. The caricature in the ad is the longtime publication art for Simon and does not reflect the hardships he has endured in the past eight months, which is exactly how Simon wants it. While a reader inquired whether or not it might be fitting to update the ad, Simon thinks not and, most importantly, does not wish for his health condition to be a constant theme in his work.

“I think it’s a terrific ad. Does somebody want an ad with me with no feet?” asked Simon, who, due to a blood infection, had to have portions of both his legs amputated. “I have already been fitted for prostheses and will have a foot and a leg soon. Also, with all those soldiers and Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who lost legs, arms etc. in the service of their country and get little to no attention, it doesn’t seem right to draw daily attention to my disability. I had to explain why I was gone for eight months and I did in my first column. I don’t expect it to be a continuing theme, especially as I will be walking relatively soon.”

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