Politico’s Mike Allen Really Sleeps?

It has long been believed that Politico‘s Mike Allen is some kind of extraterrestrial being who never sleeps. This morning he was forced to address the issue as MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough cited a new study on “Morning Joe” that claims those who sleep less than six hours a night increase their risk of stroke. Scarborough went around the table to ask each guest about their sleep habits. Not one to typically answer the question directly, Scarborough put Allen in the hot seat.

Scarborough: “I know you work around the clock, you’re tying to get that thing ready. How much do you sleep?”

Allen replied, citing famed sleep specialist Jim VandeHei: “At least six. Jim VandeHei says that is what you need to be happy, healthy and wise and I’m all of those.” Scarborough followed up: “So what time do you usually get to bed? Allen replied with an answer and a question. “Ah, 10 10, 10?” Scarborough continued, “10ish and you’ll sleep until 4, 4:30 usually?” Allen nodded a few times and confirmed, “Yeah.”

Hmmm. Yeah. Fishy. This wasn’t the first time Allen was grilled on his sleep habits on “Morning Joe.” In July of 2011, host Willie Geist pressed him about his sleep, asking, “Do you go out and socialize on a  Saturday or do you get to bed earlier so you can do Playbook at 4 a.m.? How does that work?” Allen’s answer: “Jim Vandehei says to be healthy, wealthy, and wise you need six hours a night, so I try for at least that.”

One thing’s for certain: Allen has the line down.