Politico to UK Politics Blog: Cease & Desist


torypoliticodouble.jpgLawyers for Politico are putting the smack down on British politics site, Tory-Politico.com, arguing that the site, registered in May of last year is causing consumer confusion because of the similar URL, name and mark.

In a cease and desist letter to the blog’s founder, Politico counsel Dow Lohnes demanded that the UK blog (1) cease all use of the mark and name Tory Politico (2) cease all use of confusing design and graphics (3) transfer the url tory-politico to Capital News (Politico parent) (4) verify in writing the permanent cease of any future use of mark, trade name, domain and trade dress that is confusingly similar to Politico within ten business days.

TP’s Jason Brown says he will not comply and plans to continue using the domain and name but has already updated the mark and trade dress:

“For the record I have no intentions of ether changing the name of this blog or transferring the domain name to Capital News, though I do not know how long I will be able to hold out with the wolves at the door. I am anticipating escalation on their part as I am refusing to comply with demands 1 and 3, so in the next couple of days I will be considering my option, this could involve launching a ‘Save Tory Politico’ campaign and a fundraising operation to fund a defence.”

Politico confirmed TP’s story but declined any further comment. FishbowlDC scrounged up a before and after of the tory-politico.com site. So, what do you think? Is Politico properly protecting their brand or picking on the little guy?