Politico Names Carrie Budoff Brown Editor

She'll take over for Susan Glasser after the elections.

Politico has named Carrie Budoff Brown as its next editor, replacing Susan Glasser, who announced at the beginning of this year that she was planning to move to Jerusalem in 2017.

Brown, who is currently managing editor in charge of Politico Europe, has been with Politico since before its launch, a point that was important to publisher and editor in chief John Harris, as he explained in a memo to staff. “As someone who joined POLITICO the month before we launched in early 2007, she understands as well as anyone the fluidity of the media business, and the imperative of never standing still,” he wrote.

“As a co-founder, Carrie has POLITICO in her blood, and her passion and protectiveness is like that of a parent for a child,” he added.

Harris notes that he considered candidates outside the organization as well, but ultimately “it seemed to me there has never been a deeper or richer roster of journalistic talent inside POLITICO than right now.” In explaining what led him to ultimately name Brown, Harris pointed to her work in launching Politico Europe, her “gift for human connection,” and her early work helping shape Politico:

Carrie has an extraordinary POLITICO story. This is a publication for risk-takers. Within days of Robert, Jim VandeHei, and I announcing this venture, Carrie reached out to us, then total strangers. Despite our public bravado, our success was far from assured. But the prospect of building something new at a time of disruption fired something in Carrie. She was a key player in our first great chapter—as we took advantage of the opening of the 2008 campaign and again as the new administration came in. Then when POLITICO needed to show we could be more than just great at campaigns, Carrie helped us show we could cover governing too, leading POLITICO’s coverage of President Obama’s overhaul of health care, which in turn led the competition. That success proved we were as much a policy news organization as a political one, providing a template for what are our now 18 policy desks. In effect, Carrie was the first Pro reporter.

Brown will take over for Glasser after the presidential elections, moving from Brussels to Washington later this summer. Glasser will become Politico’s chief foreign affairs columnist as well as director of editorial innovation.

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