Politico Engages, Then Disengages in Kanye-gate

Earlier today, Politico posted video of President Obama calling hip hop idiot artist, Kanye West a “jackass” prior to an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood. We’re not sure how they got their hands on the vid but shortly after, it was then taken down with Ben Smith’s below explanation:

And here’s that video, which shows, above all else, the president as a normal person — and moreover, a normal pol, utterly immersed in the cable-news frivolity he affects to disdain.

UPDATE: Not so much: Wiser heads than mine at POLITICO made the call to take down the video of the “jackass” moment. Sorry about the tease if you missed it.

So, what happened? Is Politico scared of the GREATEST TOOL ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME or was the WH ticked that the “OTR” vid was leaked???