Politicians Could Learn a Lesson from new NY Gov’s Huge Twitter Mistake

Lesson: always link to your real Twitter account from your official website, politicians. Actually, that goes for everyone. And this lesson comes courtesy of New York’s new Governor, Andrew Cuomo, who had to learn it the hard way when he officially launched his website yesterday.

Cuomo’s official website had everything a modern-day politician could dream of: a slick layout, multimedia, and a solid social media area. He had a Flickr stream, asked you to become a fan on Facebook and even friend his Facebook account. And, of course, he linked to a Twitter account, @NYGovernor.

However, all was not what it seems when users clicked to that Twitter profile yesterday.

It turns out that it led to a fake account set up by Nicholas M. Fahrenkopf, who explained how he stumbled onto his 15 minutes of fame to the New York Times. He noticed that the link on the Governor’s official webpage pointed to a non-existing account, so “I signed up, grabbed some images from the Web site and started following people,” he wrote in an email.

The account wasn’t too over-the-top in its prankster-ism, thankfully for the Governor, but it was an embarrassing misstep for the newly elected official.

Now, it appears as though all links to any Twitter account have been removed from Cuomo’s website.

This incident leaves us with the lesson of the day: be sure your Twitter account exists before linking to it! It can be hard to get all the pieces in place when setting up a web presence, but it is vital that you ensure that your Twitter account is up and working before you give the link to the public.