Political Social Network Wants Your Presidential Advice

ifimpresHere in the United States it’s Super Tuesday. Citizens from 22 states will head to the polls to help determine who will run for president come November. What would you do if YOU were commander-in-chief of America? IfImPresident gives you a chance to tell the world.

The social community lets you share your political views, state your policies and have registered users react. In turn, people are connected through political beliefs opposed to personal relationships.

Free from media bias, the site was started by self-proclaimed political junkies who want to help you stay up to date on happenings while giving you a vehicle to speak your mind.

Profiles have news aggregated from the major political news sites. Users can then comment on those stories or start a thread of their own. Videos and polls can be added as well.

The creators of IfImPresident believe, that despite the abundance of political forums out there encouraging dialogue, there is a void when it comes to understanding politics and connecting people with similar or opposing views. Getting people talking politics is very important, but will it be enough to sustain the Website’s growth. Many of the features available seem to be no different then things you can do on your favorite political blog or through your run-of-the-mill social networking site.

One feature I did enjoy is that by clicking “’08 Election” you can view posts and news by candidate.

Political bloggers have an opportunity to join a revenue-sharing affiliate program.

The site is currently in Alpha, and participation appears light. They might have more work to do to differentiate themselves from the pack if they want to make it past Super Tuesday on the road to the White House.

Competitors in the non-partisan political social networking space include Essembly and RedBlueAmerica.