Podcast 49: Haptify’s Chris Ulrich Talks About Haptics & Enzo’s Pinball for Android

In Podcast 49 I speak with Chris Ulrich of Haptify and Immersion Corp.. Immersion provides technology that enables force feedback capabilities in phones, game controllers and other devices. Haptify emerged from Immersion as an app development firm that specializes in haptic feedback.

Haptify recently released Enzo’s Pinball for Android in both free and paid editions ($1.49). The free edition is ad-supported while the paid version is ad-free. Otherwise, the gameplay is identical.

Chris provides an overview of haptics, differences in you will notice in products that use their licensed technology (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S) versus those that do not (e.g., HTC Nexus One), the next step in haptics and a hint about how to get high scores in Enzo’s Pinball for Android.

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