Podcast 48 with Microsoft Research’s Nikolai Tillmann about TouchStudio for Windows Phone

I reported on developments regarding Microsoft Research’s TouchStudio for Windows Phone in the past few months. TouchStudio is a free app developed by Microsoft Research that lets you create custom apps for Windows Phone right on the phone itself.

Microsoft Research TouchStudio Makes Windows Phone a Game Changing Platform: Prepare to be Amazed

TouchStudio v1.1 beta for Windows Phone: More Sensor Access, Better Screenshots

Microsoft Research TouchStudio 1.2 for Windows Phone: Write Your Own Animation & Facebook Mobile Apps

In this 21 minute long podcast, I speak with Nikolai Tillmann who is a Principal Researcher Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Research about TouchStudio. We spoke about:

– The TouchStudio group’s background
– Goals for the TouchStudio project
– Why a desktop editor for TouchStudio programming is not being considered
– Why there is no documentation for TouchStudio’s API outside of the app’s built-in API documentation. There is a hint that a book might be available, however.
– What we might expect from TouchStudio when the Windows Phone “Mango” major update appears

If you are interested in the Microsoft TouchStudio programming environment for Windows Phone, you definitely want to listen to this podcast. You can listen to it right now using the embedded player below or subscribe to the MobileViews Podcast in iTunes.