Pocket Gems Partners with Comedy Central for ‘Ugly Americans’ Storytelling App

ugly americans 650Mobile developer Pocket Gems has announced its partnership with Comedy Central and 345 Games to release a new app for the “Ugly Americans” television show, created on the interactive storytelling platform Episode. The app allows users to follow along with their favorite characters from the show, and impact the way the stories unfold via in-app choices.

UA_640x1136_LP4In these stories, players control Mark, a well-meaning social worker. The stories include other characters from the show, including Leonard the wizard, Mark’s girlfriend Callie, and Randall the zombie. There are four story arcs available in total. Here’s how a company release describes them:

Escape From Neverland: When a young defector shows up in New York City, Mark tries to help him adapt to his new home while Neverland’s childlike dictator attempts to extract him.

Single White Shapeshifter: Mark helps a Shapeshifter become a citizen, who then repays him by stealing his identity.

Attack of the Praying Womantis: When a “Womantis” loses custody of her 4,600 kids, Mark tries to help her improve her parenting skills so she can be reunited with her spawn. Step 1: Learn how to stop eating her kids.

A Bronx Demon Tale: When a young demon is kicked out of his house for not being evil enough, it is Mark’s job to help him become the twisted maniac he was meant to be. But Mark may be too nice a guy to help him transform.

“We’re incredibly thrilled to present “Ugly Americans” in a new format that people haven’t seen before which still honors the spirit of the show,” said Daniel Terry, co-founder and chief creative officer of Pocket Gems, in a company statement. “We think that Episode will both connect “Ugly Americans” with a brand new audience while giving existing fans of the show a chance to reconnect with it.”

The overall Episode platform was released in early 2014, and encourages aspiring or established authors to submit their own stories to the Writer’s Portal for potential inclusion within the app. The standalone Episode app features multiple stories of its own, with many focused on love, dating, college and similar topics.

The “Ugly Americans” app is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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