Pocket Gamer: Rumors of Mobile WoW Abound

Blizzard Entertainment’s online role-playing phenomenon World of Warcraft might be going mobile — in some form or another, according to a post on Pocket Gamer, which broke its own rule about dealing in “idle gossip” because the idea of a mobile version of WoW is just too juicy for it to resist.


At the Mobile Games Forum show, the Pocket Gamer folks were told by mobile game publishers and developers not related to World of Warcraft that a mobile version of the game is in the works. Unfortunately for the 10 million registered WoW users around the world, no one involved with the game is really talking.

The article does say that Paul Maglione, head of Vivendi Games Mobile, did admit that “mobile aspects will become part of all MMOs,” however. Also, Blizzard has apparently set up a mobile development team, which makes you wonder if maybe there is a modicum of truth to the rumor.