Playboy Parties With Horses, Kid Capri

derbyracelg.jpgWhen we think Kentucky Derby, we think stupid hats, Mint Juleps and Southern hospitality. Then Playboy shows up and shoots our whole Lonesome Dove image to hell.

Crown Royal and Playboy will team up for the third year in a row to throw the most exclusive party in town during Kentucky Derby weekend. On Friday, May 2, Louisville’s Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center will once again be transformed into the Crown Royal Lounge. Twelve Playboy Playmates will host this sexy soiree while celebrities, athletes and VIPs enjoy cocktails and dancing to music by Kid Capri. Party guests can also get ready to look sharp at the races with a haircut from celebrity barber Darrel Thomas.

A celebrity barber? Incredible. Guests at last year’s event included Brittany Murphy, Bobby Flay and Bode Miller. We can only assume a similar caliber of “talent” will show this year. They might even get some attendees whose first name doesn’t start with “B.”

Glynnis, you can have the Time 100 party; we’re heading to the Derby.