Playboy Says New York Is America’s ‘Sexiest City’

Start spreading the brag...

PlayboyNightlifeIndexWhenever a list like “America’s 25 Sexiest Cities 2015” arrives, FishbowlNY always likes to first scan right to the bottom and see who *just* squeaked in. There’s no explanation text, so we’re really not sure exactly how Playboy magazine came up with Santa Barbara as #25.

However, it’s very clearly stated how New York managed, with the help of some “Nightlife Index” data from NerdWallet (pictured), to bag the sexiest metropolis honors:

What makes New York the sexiest city in America? In addition to topping our respondents’ lists, it’s backed up by other metrics as well. It has by far the best and most nightlife in our roundup, with thousands of bars, clubs and restaurants in walkable neighborhoods linked by a dense web of subways, Ubers and taxis, making the possibility of frequent and convenient assignations likelier than anywhere else. The people are hot, the sex is prime quality and the frequency is high, averaging 138 times per year. It also has a touch of the forbidden: In our survey of the top five cities, New York respondents were the most interested in kink, with nearly two thirds of them open to experimentation and almost a quarter into BDSM.

Take the rest of the week off, gang, and see if you can nudge that 138-times-a-year average a little higher for next year’s Playboy compilation.