Students: “Play” Your Tuition Bills With Grantoo

You’re going to think this is too good to be true or a ploy to get you to read this piece, but it isn’t.

What would you say if I told you that students could win tuition grants and help out the charity of their choice by playing games online? Old news – gamers win money every day, right? Well, we’re not talking hardcore ‘gamer type’ games here. These are just regular, ‘anyone can play them’ type games. Your grandma could play them (more on that later).

If you’re a student, or if you know one, you’ll want to check this out. Students are winning between $50 to $5,000 a pop and it’s completely free to play.

Launched late March of this year, Grantoo partners with national brands to sponsor free game tournaments. Tournaments are held at set times every day, with finalists completing in  weekend tournaments for larger amounts.

There are two games available right now: Wordy Bird – a crossword, Scrabble-style game; and Quiz Night – a trivia game. There’s another game in the works, Grantoo Hold’em. And each game takes about 45 minutes to play.

When students sign up to play, part of the registration process requires selecting a charity to receive at least 10% of the student’s winnings. But students appear to be natural philanthropists – as Grantoo co-founder Dimitri Sillam tells us, “students’ average donations so far have been 35%.”

And it isn’t only students that are cashing in. Companies seeking to create a name for themselves with tomorrow’s business leaders are recognizing the value of sponsorship – and they’re gaining valuable market research. “With our quiz game, for example, we can run surveys for companies that are seamlessly built right in,” says Sillam. And the opportunity to get in front of students (as a sponsor) for a 45 minute game is nothing to sneeze at either.

Right now it’s only open to college students, but starting in the fall Grantoo is going to allow folks to play FOR students as well. So, students: If you can redirect grandma and grandpa away from all those Facebook games they’re addicted to and turn them on to Grantoo, you could earn some serious cash to help pay for school.

As this video asks, “Why pay for college when you play for it?” And the bonus of course is that you’re doing good at the same time:

There will be an app available as well in October. Watch for it! And let us know what your experiences are like with Grantoo. We know at least one student is SUPER grateful – check it out:

(Happy teenager image from Shutterstock)