Plans Underway for the G.W. Bush Presidental Library


Being certified lefties in two of the most left-friendly cities in the country, we could make a whole series of really obvious, groan-inducing jokes here (i.e. “You mean he can read?!” or we could have spelled “Library” in the subject line “Libary” yuk yuk), but we like to believe that we’re better than that (we aren’t, but it’s fun to play pretend). So, anyway, the story is that the call has been sent out to a handful of architectural firms to come up with proposals for the George W. Bush Presidential Library. And although nothing has been officially announced, it’s looking like it’s all but certain that it’s going to be placed at Southern Methodist University. Here’s a little:

According to the proposal, the Bush project will be made up of two separate buildings — a 145,000 square feet for the library and 45,000 square feet for a public policy institute. Splitting the project into two buildings could be an apparent fix for SMU, a crowded and landlocked urban campus just north of downtown.

Not all of firms who received the proposal plan to pursue the project. Morrison Seifert Murphy president Lionel Morrison said he won’t make a bid because SMU’s prevailing red-brick style conflicts with his firm’s focus on modern architecture.

We’re really hoping that’s really just an excuse for not wanting to work on the project, because that’s an awesome line. “We’re sorry, but, you know, with the red bricks and all. Well, yeah, we’re sorry it isn’t working out either. Goodbye.” Nothing beats the ol’ red brick excuse.