Pizza, Pants, and Tiny Cars Rank High in ‘Social Currency’

Domino’s Pizza, Fiat, and Levi’s – what do they all have in common? On the surface, very little. But a New York-based business has named the companies among the top 100 brands with “social currency.”

Vivaldi Partners, a group of three companies that includes a strategic consulting firm and an “organizational change” company, rates social currency on six attributes: affiliation, identity, information, conversation, utility, and advocacy. The firm reviewed and analyzed campaigns coming from across Europe, the Americas, and Asia over the past three years.

To sum it up, Vivaldi says: “Social currency is achieved when consumers: share a video, an image, a blog post, a tweet, or a thought about a brand.”

Whoa, then Tim Tebow must have the most social currency of any being, living or dead. I swear if I had to read one more tweet about that guy even before the Denver-Pittsburg upset, I was going to implode.

But, back to the list. Reading through this list of campaigns that comprise the rankings, it’s obvious that the super-connected and digitally-savvy are taking over.

Domino’s took a campaign to Facebook game Farmville. Fiat got drivers to collect data about their driving using a USB app for economic and environmental analysis. Levi’s launched a search for a “Levi’s Girl” online. And IKEA, in one of the highest-ranked scores, four out of five, encouraged customers to “friend” an IKEA showroom manager on Facebook. You can check out all of the campaigns here.