Want To Edit, Share & Store Your Video Memories Online? Pixorial CEO Andres Espineira Tells You How

Pixorial is a web application that makes it easy for consumers to store, edit, organize and share their videos online. Users can add videos to Pixorial from the Pixorial web application and from the company’s Facebook application, as well as from their mobile phones and devices. I had the opportunity to ask Pixorial’s CEO Andres Espineira a few questions about the company and the inspiration behind Pixorial. Find out what he had to say after the jump.

Before we get to my interview with Andres, check out this video that shows how Pixorial works. Then, check out the interview below.

Megan at Social Times: Can you provide some background information on Pixorial?

Andres Espineira: Pixorial is a privately held company that was founded in the summer of 2007 and is based in Englewood, Colorado. In 2009, we launched the industry’s first video platform designed for consumers. We currently employ 15 people.

Pixorial liberated consumer video online – regardless of origin, format, file type or destination. Pixorial provides automated video storage and organization, simple editing tools, and a platform where users can share and collectively interact with video from anywhere (analog, digital, mobile and HD) to where it matters most (social networks, mobile devices, online and offline).

The following building blocks provide the foundation for Pixorial’s platform:

Pixorial web application – offers one location for automated organization of media, easy-to-use online editing, customizable templates and broad sharing capabilities both online and offline. Pixorial.com’s web-based design allows the consumer additional functionality without requiring any software installation.  With the ability to send physical media, or upload any file regardless of file type, the user does not have to worry about storing large quantities of video, crashing hard drives, or other technical issues.

Facebook application – enables consumers to edit, add music, share videos and VideoAlbums without leaving Facebook. All uploads are also securely stored on Pixorial.com, offering consumers automated organization and storage, and the ability to share outside of Facebook.

Mobile – HTML5 version of the site is optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Consumers can upload video from their device via a custom email address, can share to their connected social networks, and can view their entire video library on all of these devices. Native apps in development and will be launched in Q4.

Megan: How did the idea for Pixorial come about?

Andres: One summer, I was busy digitizing my father’s large collection of film. I quickly came to two important realizations. The first is that in those videos were the collected memories of not just my mother and father’s but also family members, friends and acquaintances who were also captured in the videos. Clearly, these old family movies would prove meaningful to a group of people outside my father’s household. The second realization was that just getting that video converted was the tip of the iceberg. Once digitized, how could that video be shared with friends and family who would find meaning in the video.

This experience drove the desire to create a platform where users could share and collectively interact with video from anywhere (analog, digital, mobile and HD) to where it matters most (social networks, mobile devices, online and offline). Knowing that we all choose to share video differently, I thought it was important that the platform also remove the barriers created by the walled gardens of social platforms.

Megan: Can you give us any insight into how the company is doing, user-wise?

Andres: We have surpassed 50,000 users since our launch last year and have more than 11,000 Facebook users since we launched our video app for Facebook in August, 2010 (that number recently doubled in less than a week). Or growth is led by organic search, the viral nature of videos shared on social networks and marketing to Facebook users. We expect this growth to continue as more users become familiar with the app.

Megan: How are you marketing Pixorial?

Andres: We are using a combination of Facebook ads, social media promotion, contests and direct mail with current users.

Megan: What type of user is Pixorial most recommended for?

Andres: Anyone who has a video capture device – which today means all users of video-enabled smartphones and devices. Pixorial is also ideal for anyone who has video trapped in a box i.e. Beta, VHS, 8 millimeter film, etc. Pixorial provides editing tools that are web-based and easy for anyone to use regardless of experience with video editing. With Pixorial, users can quickly post or choose to trim the video, add music and quickly share.

Andres closed by telling me that, “No matter how or where you share your video, if you share it with Pixorial, Pixorial automatically stores and organizes it for you, and makes it easy to edit, remix and share again whenever and with whomever you want. From legacy formats to video shot yesterday on a cell phone, Pixorial captures what you’ve captured on video, so it’s always at your fingertips.” Have you used Pixorial? Let us know what you think in the comments.